Vice President of Land and Resources: Joe Bovee

Mr. Bovee oversees the realty portion of the Land Department, including easements and rights of way, sand and gravel contracts, land subdivision, property leases, land purchases, ANCSA 14(c) adjudication and compliance. The VP also deals directly with the merged villages to address merger-related, surface-estate issues. Ahtna’s Lands Department oversees and coordinates management of surface lands by villages under contract with the Land Department. In addition, Mr. Bovee is responsible for evaluating, inventorying and aggressively promoting and marketing the Corporation’s natural resources.

Contact Joe Bovee for issues related to:

  • Working with Ahtna to develop the corporation’s natural resources
  • Commercial development opportunities on Ahtna land
  • Inquiries regarding merged villages and sub-surface estates

PO Box 649
Glennallen, AK 99588
Office: (907) 822-3476
Fax: (907) 822-3495


Customary and Traditional and Environmental Coordinator: Gloria Stickwan

Under the direction of the VP of Land and Resources, Gloria reviews proposed regulations for both federal and State of Alaska Departments of Fish and Game and brings recommended comments to the Cultural and Traditional Use Committee.

Contact Gloria Stickwan for issues related to:

  • All environmental issues in the region and the lead person for the Community Subsistence Harvest

PO Box 649
Glennallen, AK 99588
Office: (907) 822-8137
Fax: (907) 822-3495

Natural Resource Technicians (NRTs)

Natural Resource Technicians, or NRTs, are tasked with the patrolling and protection of Ahtna lands from unauthorized trespass as well as any unauthorized disposal of waste, junk vehicles, appliances, garbage, and hazardous materials; illegal hunting and fishing; criminal mischief and theft; removal of resources; theft or damage to cultural and historical sites; and, in some cases, armed and disorderly conduct. Each NRT is assigned a geographical area to patrol, often working outdoors in a variety of weather conditions and operating a number of modes of transportation, including but not limited to trucks, ATVs, snow machines, boats, and airplanes. NRTs are usually the main points of contact with members of the public, and are authorized to issue ‘Ahtna Land Use Permits’ for those wishing to utilize/access Ahtna lands.

Contact NRT’s for issues related to:

  • Concerns regarding activity on Ahtna lands

Sarah Daszkiewicz

Ray Stickwan

For immediate attention, please call the Alaska State Troopers at (907) 822-3263 (Glennallen) or (907) 768-2202 (Cantwell).