Ahtna has received returned mail for the following shareholder-owners. It is important that your mailing address and other contact information is kept current so that you receive dividend distributions as well as other mail from Ahtna such as company announcements, newsletters and annual meeting materials.

If you are on the list below, please contact the shareholder records department at (907) 822-3476 or shservices@ahtna.net to provide updated contact information (list updated 06/13/2017).  

Alberta A. Maxim
Aleena S. Mahle
Alice C. Baptisto-Mahle
Amy A. Goodlataw Kittson
Andrew M. Christenson
Anthoney J. Murphy
Anthony D. Mahle-Sounthone
Bernie Martin Jr.
Beverly A. Chilligan
Carol M. Pedro
Carrie A. Robinson
CF Hubbard
Chad A. Hand
Challista Sabon
Christopher E. Johnson
Christopher J. Harris
Deanna P. Chilligan
Dexter L. Reedy
Dolly M. Eskilida
Edward L. Billum
Edward T. Carew
Elizabeth V. Sabon
Emil J. Wilson
Gerald Mahle
Goodman Patrick
Henry A. Guillemette
Henry C. Iverson
Herman L. Chilligan
Huston C. Sanford Jr.
Isreal S. Rider
Jacquelynn L. Engebretson
Jamesson L. Major
Janeal R. Hicks
Jaysen H. Robinson
Jennifer E. Nicholas
Jeremy T. Craig
Jesse L. Turner
Joeneal R. Hicks
John B. Brotherson
Jonathan K. George
Jonnie A. Neeley
Joseph Goodlataw
Julie M. Mahle
Kassandra B. John
Kayla R. Gabby
Kiana Hicks Patrick
Kimberly Owens
Kyle J. Mead
Lucas Paul
Marlene Pedro
Matthew Hood
Matthew Mioni
Matthew W. Phillips
Melissa N. Bayless
Nichole L. Turner
Ocean R. Gray
Odell W. Burse-Robinson
Oley A. Stevens
Patrick M. Reedy Jr.
Rachel L. Owens
Rick A. Johns
Robert A. Stansell
Roberta M. Delia
Robin L. Goodlataw
Roy Eskilida Jr.
Ruth R. Eskilida
Sapphire C. Tyone
Shawnee M. Frank
Stacy J. Reither
Steven G. Baptisto-Mahle
Tabitha Truax for Ryah Dye
Tamra M. Kindgren
Tara F. Neeley
Tawny T. Hagberg
Thomas P. Stevens
Trevor D. Craig
Troy Fenty
Vanessa Murphy
Vincent M. Gene
Wesley W. Mahle