Late Traditional Chief Harry Johns, Sr.

Ahtna, Incorporated is one of 13 Alaska Native Regional Corporations established by Congress under terms of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. Headquartered in Glennallen, Alaska, Ahtna, Inc. is owned by more than 1,800 shareholders, the majority of whom are of Ahtna Athabascan descent, with many still residing in the Ahtna region, the traditional homeland of the Ahtna people.

Ahtna, Inc. owns in fee title approximately 1,528,000 acres of land conveyed in December 1998 from an entitlement of 1,770,000 acres. Much of this land is located in the Ahtna region, which is roughly the size of the state of Ohio and is located in the Alaskan south-central interior. The Ahtna region encompasses the Copper River Basin and the Wrangell Mountains and is bordered by the Mentasta and Nutzotin Mountains to the northeast, the Alaska Range to the north, the Talkeetna Mountains to the west, and the Chugach Mountains to the south.

Seven of the eight Native Villages within the Ahtna Region are merged with Ahtna, Inc., and all eight are Federally Recognized Tribes. A thirteen-member board made up exclusively of Ahtna shareholders directs corporate operations. The President of Ahtna, Inc. is Michelle Anderson.

The Ahtna family of companies includes thirteen operating subsidiaries; twelve of which are managed by Ahtna Netiye’, Inc., the business holding company for Ahtna, Inc. Ahtna Netiye’ is based in Anchorage, Alaska, and is headed by Interim CEO Michelle Anderson and a six-member board.

Ahtna subsidiaries are involved in a myriad of activities, including civil and vertical construction, environmental remediation, facilities management and support services, food service contractors, forestry and gravel sales, government contracting, healthcare and medical records services, janitorial services, oil and gas pipelines maintenance and construction, staff augmentation, surveying, and training range operations.

As an Alaska Native and shareholder-owned corporation, Ahtna, Inc. remains committed to its vision and mission statements, with a goal of preserving, strengthening, and enhancing a cultural identity that has existed for thousands of years. Ahtna’s efforts are aimed at providing a broad range of opportunities for shareholders, continued business growth and diversification, as well as effective management of all Ahtna resources.

Ahtna, Incorporated News & Updates

News & Press

Tim Finnigan is New President of AEI/AES: Official Release
posted 12-10-2014

Congrats to Justin Fulkerson, Winner of the 2014 Ahtna, Inc. Permit Survey Drawings!
posted 12-8-2014

Ahtna, Inc. Declares Shareholder and Elder Dividend for 2014! Official Release
posted 12-8-2014

Ahtna, Inc. is 2014 Top 49er! Official Release from Alaska Business Monthly
posted 10-2-2014

2014 Community Subsistence Harvest2014-15 Community Subsistence Harvest (CSH)

*12-9-2014 Update: Unit 13 Winter Bull Moose Hunts are Closed for the Season.. *12-9-2014 ADF&G Press Release*

Handy Harvest Guide for the 2015-16 Ahtna Tene Nene’ C&T Community Subsistence Harvest Permit Program!

IMPORTANT! Every 2014 CSH hunter that did not harvest a moose during the fall season (CM300) and has provided the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game (ADF&G) with a hunting license number, will receive a new winter season (CM301) harvest ticket in the mail sometime in mid-November. However, those hunters that did harvest a moose during the fall season (CM300), and intend on acting as designated hunters during the winter hunt (CM301), will need to hang on to their CM300 harvest ticket as proof of participation in the CSH program. If hunters have lost or misplaced their CM300 harvest ticket, they may come by the Glennallen ADF&G office to obtain a duplicate by December 1, 2014. Also, while these hunters should retain the harvest ticket portion of their CSH permit (the small rectangular section with months and days around the perimeter), they should return the hunt report section of the permit.

NOTICE! Winter Caribou Hunt Opened on Oct. 21, 2014: *10-13-2014 Notice to all CSH Hunters*

NOTICE! Winter Moose Hunt (Dec. 1-31, 2014): *Notice to All Winter Moose Hunt Hunters (including area map)*

*9-17-2014 Update: Unit 13C limit is now 10 Any Bull Moose. Remaining Unit 13 Nelchina Caribou is 214. *9-17-2014 Notice to CSH Hunters*

*9-5-2014 Update: Unit 13C limit is now 15 Any Bull Moose. Remaining Unit 13 Nelchina Caribou is 224. *9-5-2014 Notice to CSH Hunters*

*9-2-2014 Update: Unit 13D limit is officially closed to CSH. Remaining Unit 13 Nelchina Caribou is 231. *9-2-2014 Notice to CSH Hunters*

*8-28-2014 Update: Unit 13D limit is now 3 Any Bull Moose. Remaining Unit 13 Nelchina Caribou is 234. *8-28-2014 Notice to CSH Hunters*

*8-26-2014 Update: Unit 13B is officially closed to CSH. Unit 13D limit is 4 Any Bull Moose. Remaining Unit 13 Nelchina Caribou is 235. *8-26-2014 Notice to CSH Hunters*

*8-25-2014 Update: Unit 13B will be closed to Any Bull Moose starting August 26, 12:01 a.m. *8-25-2014 Notice to CSH Hunters*

*8-21-2014 Update: Bag limits for moose in Units 13B and 13D have changed. Remaining Unit 13 Nelchina Caribou is 237. *8-21-2014 Notice to CSH Hunters*

*8-15-2014 Emergency Order: Bag limit for moose in Unit 13E has changed from one bull moose to one bull moose with spike-fork antlers, or 50-inch antlers, or antlers with four or more brow tines on at least one side, effective Aug. 15 at 12:01 a.m. See here for official release from ADF&G. *8-15-2014 Notice to CSH Hunters*

*8-14-2014 Update: Unit 13A (East) is now closed to the harvest of Any Bull Moose. There are now only 2 remaining for Unit 13E. Please note that the Restricted Antler Moose hunt is still open until Sept. 20 for all of Unit 13 and portions of Unit 12 and Unit 11.

*8-12-2014 Update: 8-12-2014 Notice to CSH hunters

*Rules for Hunts: The Moose Hunt and Caribou Hunt started on Aug. 10 and will end on Sept. 20. Each hunt has rules and requirements that all Ahtna hunters must follow (view our poster for rules & requirements). Please make sure to contact Ahtna if you have any questions about either hunt.

*Using Locking Tags (for all CSH Participants in Moose Hunt)

For the 2014 moose hunting season, ADF&G will be issuing one locking tag for every 3 households signed up in a CSH group. Ahtna has 127 households signed up for the moose CSH and will receive 42 locking tags.

Community Subsistence Hunters who are associated with one of the Ahtna villages should contact the village tribal council regarding the issuance of locking tags for any bulls. Hunters who are not associated with a village should contact Gloria Stickwan, Ahtna, Inc. C&T and Environmental Coordinator, at (907) 822-3476.


Refer to the notice (link provided above) for locking tag rules, tags breakdown per village and distribution to Ahtna hunters, and other important information.

Any questions or concerns about the Hunt should be directed to Gloria Stickwan at (907) 822-3476.

2014 Annual Meeting2015 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

The 2015 Annual Meeting of Shareholders will be held on Saturday, June 6, 2015. Times and location have not yet been determined.

*For more information about the annual meeting, please click here: Ahtna Annual Meeting.

Any questions regarding the annual meeting can be forwarded to Eileen Ewan, Shareholder Services Manager, at (907) 822-3476.

2014 Annual Meeting2015 Candidate Forums

All forums allow attending shareholders to meet this year's candidates and learn more about their plans for Ahtna's future. Shareholders are highly encouraged to attend, if able.

Glennallen (regional) forum:
Saturday, April 25, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Kluti-Kaah Memorial Hall, Copper Center, AK

Anchorage forum:
Saturday, May 2, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Ahtna Anchorage Office, 110 W 38th Avenue, Anchorage, AK

Fairbanks forum:
Saturday, May 10, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Westmark Hotel on 813 Noble St., Fairbanks, AK

*For more information about the candidate forums, please click here: Ahtna Annual Meeting.

2014 Ahtna TrustAhtna Settlement Trust

Ahtna shareholders voted in favor of formally establishing the Ahtna Hwt'aene (People's) Trust at the 2014 Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

*For more information about the Settlement Trust, please click here: Ahtna Settlement Trust.

Any questions regarding the Settlement Trust can be forwarded to (907) 868-8250.

Land Use PermitsLand Use Permits

Ahtna's lands are private lands and are open to entry by permit only. A permit fee is required for public and commercial activities, although some activities may not be allowed on certain tracts of land. Use of Ahtna lands without a permit is considered trespass.

*If you have recently purchased a land use permit, please take a moment to complete our customer survey: Ahtna Land Permit Survey

*Congratulations to Justin Fulkerson, winner of the 2014 Ahtna, Inc. Permit Survey Drawings, and to Wilbur Joe and Brenda Tyone, winners of the 2014 Ahtna Lands Flyover*

Walter Charley Memorial ScholarshipWalter Charley Memorial Scholarship

The Walter Charley Memorial Scholarship, named after the late Walter Charley, is administered by the Ahtna Heritage Foundation and funds Ahtna shareholders who are either full-time or part-time college students. The majority of the funding for the scholarship is generously provided by Ahtna, Inc.

Full-time students are eligible for $2,000 per Fall and Spring Semester, while part-time students are eligible for $1,000 per Fall and Spring Semester.

*For more information and updates regarding this program, please click here: Walter Charley Memorial Scholarship.

The Alaska Tribal Wildlife Co-Management Proposal

Ahtna, Inc., in conjunction with Chitina Native Corporation and the 8 federally recognized tribes of the Ahtna region, is proposing a Federal-State-Tribal co-management structure that will help maintain the Ahtna people's customary and traditional hunting practices on Ahtna lands.

The goal of the co-management structure is to unify wildlife management throughout Ahtna's traditional territory and improve the current dual federal-state subsistence wildlife management system, which has proven to be ineffective, by replacing it with Ahtna's proposed co-management structure.

Below is a video detailing the co-management proposal:

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